If you do find any of the packages useful I’d love to hear back from you on how you are using them. I’d also love to hear if you have feedback on how the program can be improved, or if you have an idea for something else which may be useful.

File Purge The File Purge program can be used to delete, or move files once the age of the file reaches a maximum specified age.
Mail Check The Mail Check program can be used to connect to a pop3 email server and download and save the attachment files.
Network Check The network check is a simple program which sends a ping packet to each host in a list.
Simple XCopy GUI front end for xcopy command
Get Web Image The Get Web Image program will download images from the URL provided, at the frequency (in minutes), and save the image at the specified path/filename.
easyBudget The easyBudget program calculates the amount that is required to be saved out of the next pay to ensure that all of the listed bills are paid.
Screen Saver Screen saver that displays images. It allows a different custom time for each image to be displayed, based on the filename.

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