Screen savers that display images/photos are available everywhere, and one is even supplied with Windows. However I wanted a screen saver that displayed images for a customer number of seconds for each particular file. I created this screen saver so it has a default time to display an image, but it also checks to see if a custom time is set within the filename.

The customer display time is stored in the filename as [Sx] where x is the number of seconds (note ‘S’ is upper case and is case sensitive). So MyFish.jpg would display for the the default number of seconds, but YourFish[S60].jpg would display for 60 seconds.


Image Path The folder where the images are stored that are to be displayed.
Marquee Path The path to a file name for displaying a message on screen
Text Size The font size of the marquee text
Number recent files How many images (sorted by date/time; recent first) to display more often
Number older files How many images, from all images, to display in between the recent files
Display (seconds) The default number of seconds to display an image, if the display time is not specified within the filename.
Screen Saver
Release History 31 May 2016 Fix issue where if images were upside down they weren’t being rotated. 2 September 2014 Expand video files to filename extensions “.WMV”, “.MPG”, “.MPEG”, “.MP4”, “.MKV”, “.AMV”, “.AVI”, “.MOV”. Removed requirement for Windows Media Player. Now VLC (minimum v2.1.3) is required to play videos. Note video files are muted. 17 June 2014 Improve image memory handling. Add ability to show MOV video files. Uses embedded Windows Media Player. Note video files are muted. 11 April 2014 Only log changes to the marquee text if the marquee text is set. ie don’t log file capture text when displayed 02 January 2014 Bug fix. If the number of recent photos was set to zero then the list of photos was constantly refreshing. 24 December 2013 Added the ability to specify how many recent files and how many older files to display. This came about because in a folder of hundreds of images; when new images are added they are rarely seen. These allow options allow more recent images to be shown more often. 19 September 2012 Bug introduced in previous version. If empty file path was causing lock up. 18 September 2012 Add option to set size of marquee text. If file contains [C???] then ??? is displayed as caption – only if there is no marquee text. 30 July 2012 Add an option to display a scrolling marquee text message at the bottom of the screen. Text comes from file (specified in options). 28 July 2012 Bug fix to move screen saver to the top of all other windows. 27 July 2012 Initial release

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