Network Check

The network check is a simple program which sends a ping packet to each host in a list.

Alias A custom name you can use to easily recognise the host
Host The hostname or IP address to ping
Ping Interval The number of minutes between ping attempts
Failure Count The number of consecutive times that the ping has failed for this host
Maximum Failures When the failure count reaches the maximum count the row will turn red. Also if the host is seto to restart the PC it will occur
Restart PC Will restart the local PC when the failure count reaches the maximum failure number
Last Time The date/time when the ping was last checked
Delete Host Will delete the host from the list
  • To sort columns in ascending order double click on the column header name
  • To edit a host record double click on the host record. The host will be removed from the list and its details copied to the Host Details box at the top. You can then make the required changes and add the host back to the list.
Network Check

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