Simple Xcopy

A friend was regularly drag-&-drop their important files from their laptop to an external drive to back them up. They were backing up a lot of data and commented that the process took many hours to complete. When I inquired how much of their files changes between backup, the answer was not much. So they were backing up files that hadn’t changed since the last backup.

Seems like a perfect job for the Windows command line tool xcopy. However if you are not familiar with the command line at all, using a tool like xcopy can be daunting. With that background in mind I created a small GUI front end for xcopy which I’ve called Simple Xcopy.

Simple Xcopy can be set to do two types of copies:

Copy All Make a copy of all files in the destination folder.
Copy New/Changed Files Only Copy the files to the destination folder if the file in source folder is more recent than the file in the destination folder, or it doesn’t exist in the destination folder. This option is quicker as only the changed files are copied.
Simple Xcopy Installation Files
Release History 27 April 2012 Change to available space calculation. Allow xcopy output. 24 April 2012 Initial release

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