File Purge

The File Purge program can be used to delete, or move files once the age of the file reaches a maximum specified age. The age that is use is the last access date/time on the file. A default age, in months/days/hours/minutes must be set. However the File Purge program can also obtain a specific age for each file if the filename is formatted appropriately.


PHOTO.JPG Will be actioned based on the default age in the program
PHOTO[D3].JPG Will be actioned when the age of the file is 3 days old
PHOTO[D10][H6][m30].JPG Will be actioned when the age of the file is 10 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes old. It is important to note the [M2] is 2 months while [m2] is 2 minutes.

Search Folder The location of files to process.
Filename Prefix If this field is set, then only filenames with this prefix will be processed.
Frequency How often the File Purge program should analyse the files. Generally this can be left on every minute, or every 10 minutes.
Start Automatically If checked then the File Purge program will automatically start processing when the program is next started.
Delete Files If selected then the files are deleted when processed.
Archive Files If selected then the files are moved to the specified Archive Folder when processed. If another file of the same name already exists in the archive folder then NO processing is done on the duplicate filename i.e. it remains in the search folder path
Age of File to Purge Once a file reaches the age specified it will be processed.
Obtain Age from Filename If selected then the File Purge will use the templated timeframe in the file name to determine what age the file must be to be process. If the filename does not include any template, then the default age set in the program will be used.
File Purge Setup

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