Mail Check

The Mail Check program can be used to connect to a pop3 email server and download and save the attachment files.

POP Server Address
Details of the Pop3 email server to connect to.
Save Location Location where the email attachments will be saved.
Attachment Types The email MIME types of files that will be saved, separated by commas. If left blank all attachments are saved. Example types; image,jpg,jpeg,doc,pdf.
When an attachment is received the type is displayed in the Status Messages along with the attachment name.
Filename This is the filename that will be used when the attachment is saved. If left blank the original filename of the attachment will be used. Special tags can also be used to modify the filename. The tags are case sensitive.

{file} The base filename without an extension
{ext} The file extension INCLUDE a dot eg ‘.jpg’
{sender} The email address of the sender
{subject} The subject of the email
{datetime} The current date/time formatted as yyyy-MM-dd-hh-mm-ss
{yyyy} The current year
{MM} The current month as a number
{MMM} The current month as a word
{dd} The current day of the month
{hh} The current hour
{mm} The current minute
{ss} The current second

If an existing filename of the same name already exists in the destination directory then the new attachment will be renamed with the filename appended with a sequence number e.g. photo_2.jpg

Notifications Opens the window for setting the optional notifications.
Delete Emails If checked will delete emails after they are downloaded. Is useful for testing (not to delete emails).
Check Interval in minutes The frequency to check the pop3 email server for new messages. The default is in increments of 5 minutes but other values can be manually typed in.
Check Now Check the pop3 server for new emails immediately
Status Messages A history of messages produced by the Mail Check program

Send Email Notifications When enabled an email notification will be sent when attachments are saved.
SMTP Server
Require Authentication
The SMTP server details
From Email The sender email address.
Not that some servers insist that the from email address be the same as the Username
To Email The email address that will receive the notifications.
Subject The subject used for the email notifications.
Mail Check
Release History 18 September 2012 Improve mail checking routine. If mail download times out after 10 minutes email is sent to notification address (if notifications are enabled). 29 July 2012 Include external IP address in email notifications.
Bug fix to stop the log showing multiple notifications were sent, even through they were not (correctly). 25 April 2012 Initial release

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